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Authorised by the Gouvernement Princier de Monaco, Mark Buckley is a Cambridge Certified English teacher and holds the MBA master’s degree. Resident in the Principality, ready to offer effective solutions in English language training.

The Lounge has been an innovator in remote learning for over 15 years.

Given the current situation with COVID-19 and the uncertainty of what lies ahead for the immediate future, The Lounge has successfully migrated all of its in-person courses on-line, for the protection of our students and our staff.
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Smart English Lessons

Participating in Smart English lessons couldn’t be simpler. Decide a day and time which fits your calendar and the lesson comes to you, in safety. The Lounge uses primarily Zoom but we operate on all platforms.
For adult courses no didactic material is necessary, everything is provided by The Lounge English School. An ample calendar is provided to cover the block of lessons chosen. Any missed lessons are recuperated, we ask only that you give us as much notice as possible.

Business English for professionals in Monaco

The use of effective language has never before been so important. As face to face contact with our business partners and stakeholders decreases, so too does the benefit of interpreting expressions and body language.
We need to be sure we are communicating efficiently and effectively with a level and style of English appropriate to the business at hand. We study and deliver Your Business English lessons designed to give you maximum return on the time and money invested. We develop scenarios relative to you and your line of work, as part of your course or a last minute preparation for that professional meeting or presentation.
Method of use: Online (Zoom video), in Company (at your premises).
English for adults in Monaco and Lugano
English exam certifications: IELTS, SAT, Cambridge, Bulats, TOEFL

Preparation for the IELTS, Cambridge and TOEFL exams in Monaco

Preparation for all internationally recognised exams in English. Whether it’s IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, SAT, BULATs, Aviation…
Along with General English training we provide specifically targeted preparation for whatever test you need to take.  You’ll give your absolute best knowing what to expect in an exam and knowing exactly how to deliver what’s necessary.

English for children and teens in Monaco

We have over 20 years of experience in providing English courses for children and teens. We work with public and private schools in Monaco, from elementary school to high school, including language and literature addresses.
The Lounge is present in a number of learning institutions as part of national bilingual learning programmes. We help aspiring university students prepare their admissions tests and the all-important motivational letter as part of their enrolment process.
English for teens and youths - The Lounge English School

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