English for children and teens

We have over 20 years of experience in providing English courses for kids and teens in Monaco and Lugano. We work with public and private structures, from elementary to middle and high schools.

English for kids

We hake over 20 years of experience teaching English courses to kids in elementary school. We have found that on-line English courses for children, individually or in small groups, is a stress-free way for them to incorporate the lesson into their homework time without having to leave the house.  We also work with state schools as part of state recognised bilingual programmes.

Middle Schoolers

Our General English courses for middle school students aims to combine support for their scholastic work with real practice in communicating in English. We make sure that they transition from middle to high school well prepared to excel in English.

High School and University students

We have extensive experience in teaching English to high school students, up to high school diploma. Apart from English we also prepare the students for bilingual diplomas in Economics and Geography. We assist University candidates in the preparation of entrance exams and motivation letters.  We offer language support to students who choose to take degree and master’s courses in  English.

Learn like the natives

For those students who are already native speaking or bilingual we also provide courses that mirror the learning taking place in English speaking countries at their age. We adapt the curriculum of British or American schools as opposed the English as a Second Language (ESL) format.

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