Professional Translation Services

Professional translation services for all sectors including notarised certificates and all types of contracts.

Why choose us

We bring a lot of experience to the table when we approach a new translation.  We find the right balance between conveying the meaning and spirit of the piece and remaining loyal to the text.  We work closely with the commissioner to be sure the translation strikes the right note.  Our translations are carried out using native speaking translators and are not outsourced across continents.  Certified translations and notarised translations are also available on request. We work in the utmost confidence and offer the highest levels of security for your documents.

Some of our work

  • Translation of business documents across all areas and sectors.
  • Financial documents such as quarterly reports and new fund prospectus sheets.
  • Legal documentation for national and international law.
  • Medical documents and internationally published papers.
  • Contribution to, and translation of, articles for Ticino Welcome (Switzerland), Magic Lake (Como).
  • Ferrari Challenge and Blancpain GT series race reports.
  • Match reports for the Swiss Ice Hockey League.
  • Architectural project of Arch. Mario Botta for the new Valascia Hockey stadium in Ambri-Piotta.
  • Innumerable web-sites from Supercar dealerships to auditing firms, from fashion houses to rowing clubs.

Translations topic areas

Based on our extensive experience, we offer services in these areas among others:


Our translators are local.  They have a business background and they are experienced and qualified in linguistics and teaching.

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