Smart English Lessons

Participating in Smart English lessons couldn’t be simpler. Decide a day and time which fits your calendar and the lesson comes to you, in safety.

What are the advantages to me?

There are only advantages when choosing The Lounge Smart English lessons as your method of language training. With the platforms that are now available we are giving hundreds of lessons every week to students in locations of their choosing.  A traditional method lesson usually involves getting close to the school, parking up and rushing to class, and the same going home. This means a one hour lesson costs you two hours or more of your time.

With Smart English lessons you simply grab a coffee and log in minutes before your lesson. When it’s finished you log out and get on with the rest of your day.  If you ever have to move a lesson, Smart English gives us much more flexibility to re-schedule on a day close to the missed lesson. All materials and lesson notes are digital and supplied by us; they are on your email or cloud automatically.

Is it different from in-person lessons?

By now most people have tried videoconferencing given the unfortunate circumstances we’re in. We have all enjoyed the quality of the experience whether it’s part of the work-from-home day or grandchildren saying hi to grandparents.  Obviously it doesn’t replace a hug from a grandma, but for most other things it is a perfect method of safely communicating. And an English lesson is exactly that….communication.

What do I need?

A computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a decent connection and you’re good to go. I would have added a comfortable chair but I personally like to give the lessons standing up! We host the lessons on our conferencing accounts so there is no sign up fee for you for the platform.

We normally use Zoom© for our lessons. We have, however, accounts on all the major conferencing platforms.

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