‘Make America Rake Again’: Local Philly garden centre cashes in on Trump oddity

rakea gardening tool used to collect leaves, to rake is the act of gathering
cash-into profit financially

oddity – something strange, out of the usual

The president tweeted that there would be a press conference given by his team of lawyers at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia.  As it turned out, the press conference was held in front of a garage door belonging to Four Seasons Total Landscaping on the outskirts of the city and not at the famously exclusive hotel.  While the whole situation was embarrassing for Trump, the landscaping firm certainly profited greatly from all the free global advertising that was generated!!!!

‘Democracy works,’ says Biden as he urges patience with count showing him on brink of win

urgestrongly advise or suggest
brinkthe point where something is about to happen

As the numbers grew for Biden and his followers were waiting for him to declare victory, Biden chose calm and restraint as his tone.

The vanishing ‘red mirage’: how Trump’s election week soured

sourbecome acidic

As the experts had predicted, Trump galloped off to an early lead in the count which created a “red mirage”.  As postal votes started to be counted that mirage began to disappear and what was a sweet moment for the president turned out to be quite acidic.


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