Mind the gap!!!

A new way to let people know your comfort zone   Before COVID 19, it was normal for us to have physical contact when meeting somebody new or a friend.  You could shake hands, hug or even kiss on the cheek.  Close proximity to other people was a fact of life. When COVID arrived, however, […]

Negative Infinitives Exercises

How do you write the negative of an infinitive in English?   First, some cases where we use the infinitive: I decided to accept the firm’s offer. I preferred to take the underground into the city centre. I asked her to leave the light on.   To make the negative, we simply put  the word not BEFORE the infinitive (including “to”): I […]

Cobra Kai never dies….and neither does Karate Kid

Why dojos around the world are gearing up for a surge in new recruits. As soon as they re-open that is. Arnie made his comeback as Terminator 23, Stallone as Rocky 47.  Now it’s Macchio (Daniel) and Zabka’s (Johnny) turn as arch-rivals (still) in Netflix’s (originally You Tube Red’s) Cobra Kai. This throwback to the […]

how to make fantastic light scrambled eggs

How to make fantastic, light, scrambled eggs, an easy recipe.  There are lots of recipes for scrambled eggs and they’re all great for saying what you should add.  Few of them, however, explain the technique.  The following is my simple, easy to follow, no prior skills necessary technique.  But you need to be active. So […]

5 rules to speak better English now

How can you speak better English? Here are 5 rules to speak better English now. Number 1 – Don’t forget your “S”. The French don’t pronounce it.  The Italians don’t have it.  But you must use it for most plurals and 3rd person singular verbs. Remember the logo and you’ll remember the S.

USA election week

Trump's election week

‘Make America Rake Again’: Local Philly garden centre cashes in on Trump oddity rake – a gardening tool used to collect leaves, to rake is the act of gathering cash-in – to profit financially oddity – something strange, out of the usual The president tweeted that there would be a press conference given by his […]