How to make fantastic, light, scrambled eggs, an easy recipe. 

There are lots of recipes for scrambled eggs and they’re all great for saying what you should add.  Few of them, however, explain the technique.  The following is my simple, easy to follow, no prior skills necessary technique.  But you need to be active.

So you’ll need:

Eggs (depending on how many people, I’d use 5 eggs for 3 people for example).  Fresh as you can get them.  Free range (real free range not the “our hens can see out a window” free range).




Frying pan

Hand whisk

First crack your eggs into a bowl and add your milk and a dash of salt.  Give it a good whisk until you see air bubbles. (here’s a tip – put the eggs, milk and salt into a Tupperware and close it, then shake the hell out of it)

In the meantime melt the butter in the pan on medium heat.  Add the mix to the pan and stir it gently using the whisk.  When the bottom of the mix starts to solidify LIFT THE PAN OFF THE HEAT and continue stirring until the mix is uniform then put it back on the heat.  Repeat this process as the mix gets thicker and thicker.  Lifting the pan means you get no sticking and you can get exactly the consistency you like.

Have the rest of the brekky or the toast ready and serve up immediately.

I like my scrambled eggs neat but you can follow any recipe additions you like. If you take the time to apply the technique above, you’ll be rewarded with happy munching at the brekky table.

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