Inglese all'estero

The Lounge non manda i nostri studenti all'estero, li portiamo. Impariamo l'inglese sul campo, sperimentando tutto ciò che la nostra destinazione ha da offrire.


A city-wide treasure hunt where the kids have to work out clues and interact with the public to discover destinations that will take them to victory. A debate on what type of cuisine to try for dinner Targeted visits to galleries and museums to see first-hand an artefact or painting which is the subject of a study. Prizes for those who learn how to navigate the city and can lead the way. Team points for English and deductions for anything else. Morning briefings to plan out our day and debriefings in the evenings before dinner, to see how it went.
In a nutshell, the children get a lot more out of their language trip abroad if they are the protagonists. We guide them safely but let them lead. They don’t get sent to a school, the school goes with them.



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